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If you were to ask me a question, it's possible that my response would be informed by my journey of discoveries from reading to public lectures to casual conversations at a coffee shop and venturing down paths of inquiry. As in stacking rocks, one element leads to another and connect in your own unique way.

I highly recommend the following to you in your journey.


by Ingrid Fetell Lee


"Life Reimagined"

By Barbara Bradley Hagerty


by Elizabeth Gilbert


"Geography of Bliss"

by Eric Weiner


by Florence Williams


by Pamela Paul


by Gretchen Rubin


Andy Goldsworthy "Rivers and Tides"


This is a wonderful lesson in observation, experimentation, perservence, and patience. It's about happy accidents but complex thinking, documentation, examining place and time.

Marian Bantjes, author and designer


I remember sitting in a large theater for a design conference when Marian Bantjes got on stage. She told her story of her life in design and making the decision one day to walk away from what she had known to find refuse in a personal retreat. She created beautiful typography and struggled as the end of her 6 month plan neared. As things started to connect, that lead to her new path.

Stefan Sagmeister, The things I have learned in my life so far


Stefan is a compelling figure in the graphic design industry. He is radical and an innovator who believes that taking breaks helps him to perform and create at a high level. I highly concur his philosophy to take your retirement years and intersperse time every 7 years or so to take a full break. He had the means to do this because of his client base, but a version of that philosophy shouldn't be considered only a pipe dream. What has come out of his time away from client work is profound.

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