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graphic designer, educator, rural artist and artist residency founder/director

Hello. Hola. Bon Jour. Buongiorno. Ohayō gozaimasu.

I'm Val.


Info :

Hello. Hola. Bon Jour. Buongiorno. Ohayō gozaimasu.


I'm Val.

I'm a creative explorer and critical thinker.

I believe in the art of accidental adventure. My aesthetic has been honed by years of metaphorically stacking rocks. I drink matcha tea without sweetener and listen to the 'spa' channel while working.

my strengths:

-- extensive knowledge of design history and cultural theory informs my design aesthetic --

-- affinity towards typographic nuance and visual relationships with acute attention to detail --

-- interest in cultures and human centered design gives me a humanitarian approach to problem-solving --

-- Publications and editorial design, Event branding and collateral, Design for Good projects including branding --

Executive Certificate Cultural Arts Strategy

UPENN in conjunction with NAS (National Arts Strategy)

Master of Fine Arts, Graphic Design

University of Florida

Bachelor of Arts, Communication / Graphic Design

Flagler College

Here are some recommendations from my journey.

Want to work together? Need critique or coaching?

Thank you! Gracias. Merci. Arigato.

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